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Front page of May 2020 Development News

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A note to our readers…

As a key Regional source for important business news and economic development information, Toledo Business Journal (TBJ) and Lake Erie West Manufacturing & Construction News (MCN) feel it is important to share the primary Mission that our company established over three decades ago, and why we believe, at this difficult time, that we must remain focused on this Mission, and also involve many other companies in our area.

Company Mission

We established an unusual business Mission for our organization many years ago. Our primary Mission is to have an important impact on the positive attitudes and psychology in the Business Community. We tell the stories of individuals, companies, organizations, and others putting investment in their business and/ or retaining and creating jobs in our Region.

Recent events with the coronavirus (Covid-19) have damaged attitudes and psychology in the business community. It is critical that we work to fix this. It is critical that professionals at companies throughout the Region see other companies working to advance their businesses.

Positive business news

If you have development projects being implemented, now more than ever, there will be great benefit to attitudes and psychology in the business community if leaders at companies throughout the Region learn of your efforts.

Please contact us and let us share this information with our business readers.

“We are Open for Business”

Now is an important time to let business professionals in our area know that you are “Open for Business” and are going to continue to strive to provide support and care for your employees, customers, suppliers, and others during these trying times.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and healthy!