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As published in Toledo Business Journal - September 1, 2021

Randall Bearings’ new 80,000 square foot facility in Lima

Randall Bearings’ new 80,000 square foot facility in Lima

Randall Bearings expanding in Lima

Randall Bearings – a producer of custom machined parts, specializing in bronze and other popular alloys for manufacturing needs – is set to to construct an 80,000-plus square foot facility in the new Gateway Shawnee Industrial Park in Lima.

According to Cindy Leis, director of business development, Allen Economic Development Group (AEDG), the project was a collaborative effort with AEDG and the Port Authority of Allen County as the Port constructed new infrastructure in the park to not only accommodate Randall Bearings, but improve the marketability of the remaining 70 development acres. The $1.2 million investment in infrastructure included a new 1,000 foot access road, water, sewer, and storm detention. The infrastructure is complete and the Randall Bearings building is under construction and expected to be operational by September.

“Building our new facility provides our customers value on strategic partnerships while echoing on our core mission. Our mission is to offer the world’s highest quality machined products, utilizing the latest technology, utilizing advanced materials, and our proprietary and innovative approaches,” said the team at Randall Bearings. “Continued growth of our customer portfolio in multiple industry segments, improving efficiencies through workflow, and ultimately providing the most cost-effective machined solutions for our current and emerging markets.”

According to Randall Bearings, the company will be enhancing its state-of-the-art equipment with new supplementary equipment to maximize its efficiencies.

Interior construction on Randall Bearings’ new facility

Interior construction on Randall Bearings’ new facility

“The new facility will allow increased collaboration amongst team members through an open floor plan with breakout rooms for focused meetings. It will also provide us with optimal logistical capabilities and allow us to showcase our value to the market,” said the Randall Bearings team.

Randall Bearings is a machined parts manufacturer with fabrication and tool room capabilities, working on everything from high-volume production runs to sample run offs and prototyping.

“We are committed to an ongoing investment in production equipment, manufacturing facilities, test equipment, and logistical management. We continue to be an innovator in the industry,” said Randall Bearings.

The company serves the agriculture, distribution, fluid power, heavy equipment, oil and gas, transportation, and other emerging markets. According to Randall Bearings, it services its customers globally and provides resources to help lead their markets.

The company currently has approximately 100 employees, and is currently hiring for new positions to meet the forecasted demand of its customer base.

The Randall Bearings team noted that it is always looking for individuals to help service customers, deliver on its mission statement, and enhance the trajectory of the company in both manufacturing and corporate support.

“We offer a wide variety of customized approaches to service customers and bring value and expertise in our markets,” said the company. “We guide our customers in the most cost-effective material and geometry for their manufacturing needs.”

According to the company, it had two goals when launching this project, including to continue to ensure its customers’ expectations will be exceeded, and to do it in a financially responsible manner.

“The AEDG and Port Authority have been involved during the development process and we appreciate all of the support they have provided. We are the first building project on that road and in the new business park – we are the anchor into the park,” concluded Randall Bearings.