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As published in Toledo Business Journal - April 1, 2021

Ardagh Group’s Huron facility

Ardagh Group’s Huron facility

Ardagh purchases $13.5M Huron plant

Ardagh Group has completed the $13.5 million purchase of a 340,000 square foot facility in Huron, the former IAC facility, and will convert it into a manufacturing plant producing beverage cans and ends. The company is adding an additional 300,000 square feet to the facility, will begin production in late 2021, and is expected to generate approximately 200 new local jobs.

“This is one of numerous capacity expansion efforts we are initiating as consumers and customers increasingly recognize the environmental advantages of beverage cans. Our products deliver high recycle and content rates, often driving the effectiveness of municipal recycling systems due to the inherent value of aluminum. And with ideal filling, distribution, and retail display economics, beverage cans enable customers to further build their business,” said Jennifer Cumbee, vice president, government affairs NA and corporate communications, Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America.

The Ardagh Huron plant will initially consist of three can production lines, together with ends capacity. The facility will produce beverage cans in multiple sizes for a variety of categories, including sparkling water, soft drinks, teas, and alcoholic beverages. Output from the Huron plant is secured by long-term customer agreements.

“We will be producing the aluminum beverage containers used to package beverages for the recognizable brands we see on local retail shelves every day. We will begin customer deliveries by the end of this year,” said Cumbee.

Cape May Crewing Co. beverages in Ardagh cans

Cape May Crewing Co. beverages in Ardagh cans

Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America, said, “This project forms part of Ardagh’s $1.8 billion 2021-2024 business growth investment program and is being undertaken to meet fast-growing demand as consumers increasingly recognize the environmental and quality advantages of beverage cans. Our products deliver high recycle and content rates, which support customer sustainability targets and contribute to a circular economy. And with ideal filling, distribution, and retail display economics, beverage cans help build businesses as well. This latest expansion is indicative of Ardagh’s consistent commitment to supporting customer growth.”

The company has invested in its operations across the company, including at its existing Fremont, Ohio plant, as it increases production capacity to address the increasing demand for beverage cans. Ardagh’s customers include leading brands across a range of beverage categories that include soft drinks, sparkling waters, energy drinks, beers, teas, and other alcoholic beverages, with distribution reach nationwide.

“Ardagh’s growth is principally due to the infinitely recyclable beverage cans we produce. Beverage cans answer the call for consumers seeking more environmentally-friendly packaging as cans provide high recycle and content rates. Metal cans also deliver the highest value per ton in recycling streams, often serving as the funding mechanism for local recycling organizations. And beverage cans are a perfect model of a circular economy, with recycled cans returning to store shelves in its original form within a few months,” explained Cumbee.

When asked about what sets Ardagh apart from others in the industry, Cumbee explained, “We believe we have the best team in the consumer packaging industry – bringing to life every day our core vales of trust, teamwork, and excellence. We are aligned and focused on exceeding customer expectations across products, services, and innovation – uniquely positioned to help our customers build their brands and bottom lines.

Huron mayor Sam Artino said, “Ardagh’s presence in the Huron community will be a win economically and we look forward to working with them.”

Huron city manager, Matt Lasko, added, “Huron is excited to welcome Ardagh to the Huron. The community was devastated with the closure of the facility and loss of jobs when IAC, former owner of the facility, decided to cease operations in the fall of 2020. However, Ardagh’s purchase and planned reinvestment will ensure this facility is repositioned quickly and will further bring hundreds of skilled jobs back to the local economy. We are confident that Ardagh will find Huron a terrific place to invest and do business and we look forward to building a strong relationship with them over the years to come.”

Ardagh operates 56 metal and glass production facilities in 12 countries, employing more than 16,000 people with sales of $7 billion. Locally, aside from Fremont and Huron, the company also operates a facility in Whitehouse.