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Rudolph/Libbe Inc. is a national construction contractor headquartered near Toledo, Ohio with offices near Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit. Rudolph/Libbe has grown steadily due to our focus on customer satisfaction, and has become one of the top providers of construction services in the nation. Relationships with repeat national clients have provided us with the opportunity to work throughout the United States. We’ve teamed with other best-in-class companies from across the nation, to strengthen our ability to work anywhere in the continental United States.

Range of Project Values

Rudolph/Libbe Inc. has completed multiple, simultaneous projects, each valued at more than $100 million dollars. We also complete numerous small projects through our Special Accounts Group, who annually completes more than 500 projects valued at under $500,000 each.

Core Values:

Safety First

  • People feel my personal commitment to health and safety excellence.

  • I choose safe behaviors and safe conditions for every task, every day, and insist that my fellow associates do the same.

Act with Integrity

  • I live up to my responsibilities, and hold myself accountable for keeping my commitments and the commitments of the entire team.

  • I acknowledge my mistakes and make it right.

Respect for People

  • I treat others with dignity and mutual respect at all times.

  • I help create a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to be engaged and make a difference in their work.

  • When my coworkers and I need to discuss important issues, everyone is approachable, regardless of their positions in the Companies.

Customer Stewardship

  • I am passionate about ensuring the success of my external and internal customers.

  • I build long-term relationships with my customers by listening to them, understanding and anticipating their needs and delivering solutions they value.

  • I ensure that our customers have a great experience working with us.

Exceptional Teamwork

  • I do what needs to be done to ensure every team member's success.

  • I welcome differing viewpoints and encourage candid, sincere debate.

  • My coworkers and I openly exchange meaningful information about the direction and performance of our company.

  • I look for and support solutions that bring the greatest benefit to our customers, even when it requires sacrifice.

Building Strong Performance

  • I sweat the details that I control and positively influence the factors outside my direct control to ensure that the job is done. I investigate new ideas and develop innovative solutions to our team's challenges.

  • I consistently use our existing systems and processes, and I take a disciplined approach to improving them.

Make the World a Better Place

  • I give my time and resources to improve the quality of life in our communities.

  • My actions help build a sustainable future environment.

By living these core values, we achieve long-term success for our stakeholders – our customers, associates and shareholders. Rudolph/Libbe's mission is to help you get the most out of every process and facility investment you make so you can continue to build a better business. Our ultimate goal is to improve your business performance.

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