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Performance Driven – Reliability Proven

Whether you are a Plant Manager, Corporate Procurement Director, Project Manager, Site Purchasing, Contracts Manager, Plant Engineer, Head of Engineering of Capital Projects or an Outage Manager, we often hear some of the same issues: Will I meet schedule? Am I getting a good price? How can I avoid safety issues? What assurance do I have of quality work? How do I know this contractor is qualified, knowledgeable and capable? Can my people manage or oversee this much work? Can I save money on this project without sacrificing the rest of my performance criteria?

Our Mission:
“To consistently deliver and continually improve 
value to our customers”

At RMF Nooter, we attain our Vision and accomplish our Mission by not just addressing your issues – but by truly solving them!

We perform work safely, period!
OHSAS 18001 certified; over 5 million man-hours with zero lost-time injuries; EMR rates consistently well under 1.0 four years running; OSHA certified training.

We combine broad capability with specific expertise.
Multi-crafted Boilermakers, Pipefitters, Electricians, Millwrights and support from iron workers, carpenters, laborers, etc. for customer savings and efficiency; broad experience in Refining, Power, Manufacturing, Food and others. In-house shop, tools, purchasing and equipment support.

We are quality and schedule driven
Strong QA/QC programs; “A”, “S”, “PP”, “R”, & “U” stamps;
integrated management system; value engineering and schedule optimization processes; performance driven and at-risk contracting.

We deliver value through local focus and national backing
Seasoned, dedicated local and regional staff; nationally regarded Nooter Corporation resources and integration; partnering with customers on corporate, plant, and individual project levels; integration with engineering and project management firms for efficient execution.




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