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As the country recovered from the effects of WWII, Mosser Construction became incorporated on May 6,1948, under the leadership of Charles Mosser. Early projects included elementary schools, then high schools, then college buildings as the baby boomers impacted the education system. Sewage and water treatment plants were early projects as were commercial buildings and medical facilities. When the Ohio and Indiana toll roads were built in the mid fifties, Mosser entered into the bridge building business. Later, Mosser became the leading builder, in our region, for jails and prisons.

In 1970, Charles Mosser who had led Mosser Construction, Inc., for the first 22 years sold Mosser to U.S. Financial Corporation in San Diego. In three short years, this large conglomerate filed bankruptcy. Caught in a situation that would mean the extinction of Mosser Construction, four employees: Robert Weiler, Robert Moyer, E.M. Otermat and Donald L. Gloer, formed WMOG, Inc. and acquired Mosser from the bankruptcy trustee in 1974. This action not only saved the company but perhaps more importantly saved over 400 jobs.

A symbol of the company’s diversity in construction is evidenced when in 1978, Mosser constructed the world's highest, fastest, double racing wooden roller coaster, built piece by piece, for the Cedar Point Amusement Park.

In 1985, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was established to give the employees "a piece of the rock". Employee ownership creates a different attitude within the company. It’s a different story when you’re out there on the job spending your money instead of the company’s money. Today, through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, employees own 100% of the Company.

Another reason for Mosser’s success is that the company has over the years attracted good people and kept them. We have many loyal, long-term employees.

Mosser Construction’s reputation for quality work is well known and its completed projects include virtually all types of construction including industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, libraries, water and sewage treatment plants, correctional facilities, bridges, commercial structures and churches.

Mosser utilizes the "Partnering" process to establish a climate where compromise is acceptable, and expensive and counter-productive disputes are eliminated. Mosser believes that working together in order to limit cost growth, avoid litigation and minimize paperwork are "win-win" business practices for all concerned.

Mosser Construction maintains an average work force of 400 craftsmen during prime construction seasons and a staff of approximately 70 at the Fremont and Toledo offices.

Utilizing the philosophy of integrity and honesty, Mosser Construction, Inc., continues adding to its reputation as one of the premier contracting companies in Ohio.

Guiding Principles

Mosser Construction is proud to be recognized in the construction industry for our integrity, honesty, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

As an ESOP Company, 100% owned by its employees, we take great pride in performing quality work. As employee “owners” of the company, we vow to always act as “owners” and to be loyal to all our associates and our fellow employees.

We hold a high regard for our customers, partners, suppliers and subcontractors, and promise that all business will be conducted in the same manner, as we would like to be treated.

We will always be prompt, courteous and act in a professional manner in all communications with our business partners.

We take great pride in working safely so that every employee and everyone working along with us can be assured of a safe environment each day.

We give of our time and talents to our communities, our professional organizations, and to anyone who might need our assistance or talents.

We as owners are all dedicated and committed to furthering the outstanding reputation and tradition that Mosser Construction has earned since its establishment in 1948.









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