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1571 Gressel Drive

Delphos, OH 45833




Article- Lake Erie West Manufacturing & Construction News

Hydrofresh HPP is a High Pressure Processing Tolling service that accepts packaged food and beverages from food manufacturers and pasteurizes these products on a fee-for-service basis using cold temperatures and hydrostatic pressure.

Located in Delphos, Ohio, the 36,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse space includes one Avure Technologies HPP machine along with storage for product about to be processed. Included in this space is 20,000 square foot of refridgerated warehouse space for storage of HPP and non-HPP customers.

As an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, Hydrofresh HPP is the first toll service provider to offer its customers a complete HPP solution. From managing inbound transportation, HPP product processing, value-added packaging, cold-storage, and distribution; utilizing all or some of the affiliates is a one stop shop for food and beverage companies logistics.



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