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432 West Gypsy Lane Rd.

Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

(419) 352-5454


Henschen & Associates, Inc., with corporate offices located at 432 West Gypsy Lane Rd., Bowling Green, Ohio was established February 17, 1987 in Wood Co., Ohio.

Dedicated to developing software for state and local governments, Henschen & Associates, Inc. is recognized as a leader in court software and has developed systems in the Mayor, Municipal, Common Pleas, Probate and Juvenile Court (Ohio & Michigan) markets.

In Addition, our company was selected to develop the Child Support Enforcement Tracking System used in 102 District Courts in Kansas to monitor child support payments. The software monitors child support payments in 102 District Courts in Kansas. Other software applications developed by Henschen & Associates, Inc. include: Police, Fire, EMS, Building & Zoning, Engineering Department, and Legal Billing. We are an authorized Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) Reseller-Vertical Solutions provider (VSP).

Henschen and Associates, Inc. application software can be customized to the agency's specifications. Programs are written in the filePro 16 Plus Database ("C") running on the Windows, Unixware, Unix and Novell operating systems.








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