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534 W Laskey Road

Toledo, Ohio 43612

(419) 476-7525

Welcome to Bohl Companies
Forklift, Crane, and Machine Divisions

Bohl Companies has a long history of doing more than the customer expects. Founder Henry Bohl was a former teacher turned brass foundry manager who was fascinated by the emerging technology of mass-production foundries. Envisioning a promising future for material handling, he formed his own company and began selling simple monorails. 90 years later, Bohl has evolved into three divisions: Crane, Equipment, and Machine.

Bohl Crane, Inc. - Founded 1924

While still offering the simple monorails Henry built his business on, Bohl Crane's product line now includes specialized monorails, cranes, and engineered lifting devices that can move just about any product manually or automatically. Bohl Crane's in-house engineering department is on hand to custom design a solution for any application.





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