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As published in Toledo Business Journal - September 1, 2017

The new pool at Lakeside Chautauqua

The new pool at Lakeside Chautauqua

Lakeside spends $3.6M on Wellness Campus

Lakeside Chautauqua has invested $3.6 million into its new 10,000 square foot Grindley Aquatic and Wellness Campus in Lakeside, Ohio.

The 6,000 square foot, 150,000-gallon swimming pool features a zero-depth entrance, children’s splash features, slides, lap lanes, and heated water. This space also features a pool building with changing rooms, restrooms, showers, pool equipment, and concessions, which is now open.

The soon-to-be Wellness Center is 4,000 square feet and plans to be completed after Labor Day, as construction halts during the summer season to be mindful of the residents. The construction began for the Grindley Aquatic and Wellness Campus in November.

Kevin Sibbring, Lakeside president and CEO, said, “Following the record algal bloom in 2015, it just so happened to be the same summer we were conducting a community assessment trying to identify what short-term priorities the community felt were most important. We talked to the renters and residents to see what was important, and of course, the top of the list was a swimming pool. Lakeside, for decades, has talked about putting a swimming pool in, but we always came to the same conclusion that our swimming pool is right at our front door; it’s Lake Erie. It’s where we’re named after. And of course in 2015, people said, ‘We need a pool’, but this time it came as, ‘We need a pool and wellness enhancement programming’. Lakeside’s been doing wellness-related programming, really, for 144 years. Our whole mantra is ‘It’s a place that nurtures mind, body, and spirit.’ So that came across and we then framed a capital campaign to raise money for this facility, and in the course of the start of fundraising through ribbon-cutting weekend, was about 15 months in duration.”

A Lakeside homeowner, who was not named, from Manhattan, was the architect for the campus and Janotta & Herner from Monroeville, Ohio was the general contractor. Patterson Pools, a firm out of Columbus, built the stainless steel pool.

The wellness center, according to Lakeside, will be used for yoga, tai chi, and other wellness programs. This space is also flexible enough to be transformed into a lecture setting, which would feature speakers lecturing about personal wellness and will be used year-round. The swimming pool will, in the morning hours, feature pool instruction via water aerobics, strength training, swimming lessons, and / or lap swimming, and then family swim in the afternoon.

Construction of the Wellness Center at Lakeside

Construction of the Wellness Center at Lakeside

“What we’re seeing here in Lakeside is that we’ve got an aging demographic, and water aerobics is central in a lot of people’s lives. It is just part of their daily routine. So for outside, we have programs for that. Then inside the facility, we could have a program for yoga; we could have lectures on nutrition or stress management; etc. With the aging population, for example, we know a number of people who suffer from Parkinson’s, and exercise is very key in controlling that neurological condition,” says Sibbring. “Why can’t we have specialized classes for both exercise and then also education, not only with the patient, but also with the caregiver? That’s where we see kind of this enhancement of wellness programming. Also, that entire space can be opened up completely, and you can have a sit-down dinner for 110 people with beautiful, arched ceilings and windows overlooking the pool complex, and then also to all the green space that surrounds that whole campus.”

The Lakeside Chautauqua is a community-based model of living, based on the chautauqya movement started in 1874, that acts as a resort destination filled with programs and entertainment aimed at helping the mind, body, and spirit. It has been running for over 140 years. Anyone can get day passes, rent a home for an amount of time, or own a home in the Lakeside community. For the 2017 summer, Lakeside has booked 85 different events for entertainment including musical guests, speakers, artists, and more.

“We’re actually open to all people, and we really try to open the doors to Lakeside so people will discover it because it is a one-of-a-kind experience and destination and it’s unlike anything else you’ll find on the Lake,” said Sibbring.

As for the future, Lakeside is in its initial planning stages.

“Toledo went through and determined which urban planning company they wanted to work with, and selected MKSK out of Columbus. We had actually used that same firm to develop a sort of ‘park’ on our grounds, and we also have selected them to be our master-planning consultant. So right now we’re in the formal stages of planning, and what’s going to come out at the other end of this is, by this time next year, will be a long-ranged, fully-comprised year plan that is going to revolutionize Lakeside in a way that fits the tradition we’ve built here,” said Sibbring. “We’re just now getting the concept side of this, we’ll have a community workshop with our residents, decide what we need, what our next major capital campaign will be, what are the short-term and long-term annual capital improvement projects, and we’ll meet with various non-profit organizations to see what we want. We spend a lot just to reinvest back into the Lakeside community.”