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As published in Toledo Business Journal - December 1, 2018

Hanon System’s current facility in Carey

Hanon System’s current facility in Carey

Hanon Systems puts
$12.2M in Carey plant

Hanon Systems, a full-line automotive supplier of thermal and energy management solutions, is investing $12.2 million to expand its 95,000 square foot Carey facility by 137,000 square feet, according to industry sources. The Carey plant, which opened in 2016, is Hanon’s first US manufacturing operation and is the second US plant to open since 2003, when the company established an operation in Shorter, Alabama.

Tracy Stallings, director of global corporate communications for Hanon Systems USA, said, “The facility that launched in 2016 includes approximately 95,000 square feet of manufacturing space to provide injection molding capability and assembly of eco-friendly automotive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) modules. This site was chosen for its additional space to expand based on business needs, which is to support the company’s growing business with global vehicle manufacturers.”

The land and building is owned by Vaughn Industries and Hanon Systems leases this space. The project is currently underway and Hanon Systems expects to occupy the space in April.

According to Stallings, the additional space will include energy efficient LED lighting, which offers workers and visitors a consistent illumination experience to the existing manufacturing space.

“The company takes pride in its focus on operational efficiency and continuous learning to drive enterprise excellence. Efforts in this area are ongoing and have shown to improve the company’s performance and lessen the environmental impact, particularly in the case of energy-saving initiatives,” said Stallings.

The plant in Carey, according to the company, provides injection molding capability and assembles automotive HVAC modules designed to enhance the driving experience by improving occupant comfort and cabin air quality.

“This expansion project increases the floor space to support the company’s business growth for these solutions,” said Stallings.

This project, according to Stallings, will house additional production lines and injection molding capabilities.

“This equipment will require skilled resources to operate and Hanon Systems will continue to require talented, dedicated employees to achieve its goals,” said Stallings.

The company currently employs more than 16,500 people across 20 countries at its 40 manufacturing and 18 engineering sites. At its operations in Carey, according to Stallings, the company currently employs nearly 200 hourly and salaried employees.

According to industry sources, Hanon is expected to create 192 new full-time permanent jobs by December 31, 2020, and 50 additional full-time permanent jobs by December 31, 2021.

“Hanon Systems is committed to acting as a proactive corporate citizen and to taking action to be an employer of choice in the communities where the company operates. In doing so, Hanon Systems is making positive contributions through job creation, which in turn improves the local economy,” said Stallings.

When speaking of the company’s growth, Stallings said, “Hanon Systems is a multinational enterprise located in 20 countries and a trusted global provider of innovative eco-friendly and high-efficiency thermal and energy management automotive solutions. It is one of only two full-line suppliers in the industry and has a strategic focus on solutions for e-mobility, autonomous vehicles, and conventional automotive platforms. The company’s backlog continues to grow faster than the market and reflects contributions from all areas of its business – HVAC, powertrain cooling, compressors, fluid transport, and thermal and emissions. Hanon Systems take pride in its focus on operational efficiency and continuous learning to drive enterprise excellence, and also commits to investing in technologies and practices that bring a positive impact to communities, employees, customers, and the planet.”