As published in Toledo Business Journal - April 1, 2017

Trilogy investing $21M in new northwest Ohio facilities

Trilogy Health Services will operate a $10.5 million, 58,000 square foot health facility in Delphos, to be followed by a nearly identical facility in Lima, which will provide skilled nursing services, short-term rehabilitation, long-term care services, assisted living apartments, and a memory care neighborhood.

Developer Conficare, Inc. broke ground on the Delphos facility in fall 2016 and plans to finish by the end of the year. According to Trilogy’s vice president of development, Peter Massey, the Lima facility is expected to open in late 2017 or early 2018.

“We currently have locations throughout northwestern Ohio, and we knew that the time was coming to add to the services we were offering in the Lima / Bluffton area,” said Leslie Knox, vice president of communications. “We have two acquired campuses, and those areas are smaller campuses, and we could tell the need for services in that area was growing. When we looked at demographic trends, and where there was the land available that we need to build, it pointed us to the Delphos market. It’s kind of centered between where we currently operate in Lima / Bluffton, and the locations we have north of there in Putnam County.”

The new Delphos building will replace the Bluffton campus when it opens, and will include assisted living services that are not currently available in the region. Massey expects to hire around 40 new employees for the Delphos location assuming all the employees from Bluffton transfer. The Lima facility will be brand new and require another 100-110 employees, 65% of which will be full-time.

There will also be a Legacy Lane coordinator at each site that will lead the team in providing services for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, according to Knox.

Both the Delphos and Lima facilities will have a total of 95 accommodations for 95 residents, according to Knox. At Delphos, 54 of those beds will be in the health center, 23 will be assisted living apartments, and 18 will be in the Legacy Lane memory care neighborhood. In Lima, 54 will be in the health center, 27 in the assisted living residence, and 14 in the Legacy Lane memory care neighborhood.

“With the aging of America, and just Baby Boomers getting older, we’re seeing an increased need for our services,” said Knox. “With the fact that we offer things like outpatient physical therapy as well as our inpatient residential services, it just allows us to provide a broader range of services to folks, whether they just need a little help while they’re at home, maybe getting stronger through therapy, whether they’re recovering from surgery and need to stay with us for a short-term stay, or they need that whole range of services, and they move into the location.”

“The average age of nursing homes in the Midwest and across the United States is over 35-40 years old,” said Massey. “That’s the perfect example here in Bluffton, we’ve got an older facility that is dated, and it’s old school. It’s got the semi-private rooms, rooms don’t have their own showers, and shared bathrooms. While it seems like we’re growing quickly, we’re not building these large mega-complex facilities that have 200-300 beds in them. We’re building a small number of rooms, mostly private, that will have their own showers, they have their own bath, and nice amenities.

“If you look at our growth over the past 10-15 years, it’s been pretty steady in terms of how many we’ve been opening each year, and we like that,” he continued. “ Certainly we could go out and build twice as many if we wanted to, but we think that this is a good rate, and it works well within our footprint, being in the Midwest.”

According to Knox, Trilogy began acquiring property in northwest Ohio in 2005.

“We now have about 11 up in that area,” said Knox. “If I count Bluffton and Lima we have 13. So we’ll be going to 14 when we swap out Bluffton for Delphos and add the second Lima. Most of those cases where we’ve acquired campuses, we have done like we’re doing in Bluffton – we will operate the campus for a certain period of time, do some refurbishments to it, and then usually build a new Trilogy campus. Then we have some new development we’ve done.

“We’re just looking forward to still serving residents in that area,” she added. “We’ve had a great welcome from Delphos, they’ve just welcomed us with open arms, so we’re really excited about getting up and operating.”


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